To be an Islamic institution that empowers Canadian Muslims to make a positive impact in the world around them.

The Gibraltar Leadership Academy strives to instil Islamic character in our students, ensuring their development as socially responsible citizens of Canada.

We diligently prepare our youth to excel in all areas of life, with a particular focus on academics and extra-curricular opportunities. Our students have gone on to pursue fulfilling careers in both religious and secular spheres, while holding meaningful leadership roles in the community. Our highly qualified, energetic teachers and support staff ensure that our students receive the very best education and opportunities possible.

We provide methods for students to enhance their leadership skills through experiential learning opportunities such as cooperative education, entrepreneurial pursuits, and community engagement.

The Mission

To create a space that elevates Canadian Muslim students in their faith, academics, and civic engagement.

The Gibraltar leadership Academy aims to provide each student a diverse education in safe, supportive environment that promotes self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

Through an enriched school day and dedicated staff, students will be given the attention needed to master subject material that will provide a deeper understanding of the course content.

Students will revive their knowledge and practice of islam through exploration of their faith, acts of worship, and interactions with each other. The focus will be to teach students to live the tradition of Islam in a modern day context.

Faculty & Staff

  • Principal: Riyad Khan – Accounting and Business
  • Vice Principal: Omar Essawi – Social Sciences and Technology
  • Vice Principal: Ali Haroon – Mathematics
  • Mona Ilahie – Social Sciences
  • Sara Amari – French
  • Sadia Baig – English
  • Sumaiyah Mohammed – Science
  • Rachel Shah – Chemistry, Biology & General Sciences
  • Humzah Ilahie – Grade 7/8
  • Sara Azeez – School Secretary